relevant ads are relevant?

"If you have an ad that is relevant, you are more likely to pay attention," said Juenger.

really? you think so? you mean ads can be funny... or inspiring... or have a good soundtrack... or generally try and notify us of things we may actually need? ...you mean people haven't entirely lost all interest in trying to spend money? you mean that possibly, just maybe, good advertising is... good? well-targeted? dare i say relevant? nofuckingshit.

but in case you needed a case study to tell you something you could have probably deduced (that the :30 isn't going anywhere, that people watch good advertising, and that like everything else as we move forward, it's about relevancy) then you can read this TiVo study. have fun.

[note: no offense to the blog. studies like this just never cease to amaze me. because what's worse than the deductions is that someone is sitting on a conference room asking for these supportive stats. hello. you watch tv. you are a consumer. what do you do? it slays me when people stop acting like people and become marketers 24/7.]


adhack said...

Unfortunately, a lot of the decision makers seem to have completely lost touch with reality.

Just this morning I was trying to convince a client that no one could possible read 5 messages on a 3 second tag. Guess who won.

Angela Natividad said...

Agreed on your last sentence. But for every five marketers who forgets he's a consumer, there's one really douchey exec shouting, "My son LOVES this, therefore THIS is COOL."