i got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!

...or more geetar, baby, yeah. need a way to liven up your party? these are ridiculous. ridiculously fun. i got turned on when a random package from Amazon showed up on my doorstep. turned out my friend Lissa felt the need to make my kitchen amusing. or at least my alcohol. package your ice and start a conversation.

the "cool jazz" set not your thing? not Lissa's, either. she sent me the bling bling. because i'm a scene queen like that. it's really cool--they're rubber molds you fill with water and pop out. very easy. i think it'd be awesome to walk into a bar and have them serve you with odd mini ice sculptures. i'm thinking Absolut should capitalize (and i don't even like Absolut).

other floating fun includes the pirate edition, gin & titonic (watch out for the iceberg!), and the really super awkward dentures (i don't get it, either). they also do stirrers in stars and fruit. but if you're really boring, or just looking for more straight-up fun, they also sell ice shotglasses.

all courtesy of worldwidefred.com

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