friday felines part 3: riblet, cosplay, sharks.

as always promised, here i go, distracting your fridays with.... felines!

first order of business: Riblet.
"Bird loathing works up a powerful hunger." -- Riblet.
if you ever wanted to read a twitter feed consisting mainly of a cat discussing its food bowl, @riblet is for you. OK, so you may ask yourself, who the fuck cares? and you'd be right, because i asked myself the same damn thing. except for, it turns out to be awesome. see why here. be curious, support the "gray cat agenda."

second order of business: catgirls.
okay, not really catgirls. it's the inversion of cosplay. rather than girls dressing up as cats, this (Japanese) site encourages cats dressing up as girls. or samurai. or robin hood. or a corn doll. don't ask. just go. get a good giggle. and then feel pity for that very, very patient feline who didn't tear out his or her owner's eyes during that photoshoot.

last order of business: sharks.
bad photoshop, but still, some creepy merit a la sharkweek (when was that anyway?).

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Ghennipher said...

Lest we not forget the Twittering Zappos cat, El Gato.

That's some funny stuff.

the girl Riot™ said...

el_gato is really quite funny, but for all his witticism i don't think his tweets are motion sensor triggered. that's what had me going wide-eyed about Riblet, even though he's a sassier Garfield.