twitter's fourth (brick) wall

i am not the first to discuss this, nor one of the best, either. but despite downtime, it's becoming quite apparent to me that the gods of twitter are displeased and are turning a deaf ear. and no, i don't just mean about the downtime.

am&a (@reverieapparel) and i were discussing ups and downs of twitter, functionally speaking. among the fact that easy to implement things would make twitter more useful (having a 'new messages' count for DMs apart from the lump sum, ie "1 // 12"; being able to select multiple DMs to delete rather than one at a time; the ability to search for a follower's name in the DM dropdown; all of these and more would be great)--we discovered there's no real way to get in touch with twitter.

continually people want to share (duh) and give feedback (hullo for free!) to make the service a better one for its users. and yet, there's no "feedback" button that gets you in touch with the company--at least not one that i've found or has been referred to me. apart from a lagging twitter account for updates and a blog in which they don't comment back, there's not much to close the loop.

the big question, o twitter which connects us, is: why?

why aren't you listening and getting involved? why aren't you utilizing your own work in the ways that other companies are? use twitter to get in touch with those on twitter. we're there. (a lot.)


Make the logo bigger said...

Or at least a sort alphabetically feature for followers.

the girl Riot said...

for real. right? i mean, i like the fact that it's in order of who followed... because i don't always get my "blah is following you now" emails, even though i'm supposed to. that lets me know who's following faster. but a way to search -- or organize -- in a secondary way would be SO useful.

Marc Meyer said...

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your view (from top down, or from the bottom???) Twitter is not the last iteration of this form of or mechanism of communicating. For being the first, I suppose we should thank them. But I agree, for a company that is predisposed to opening the lines of communication to not be listening or at leaat not letting it's loyal tweeters know wassup is akin to a singer lip synching...