Top 9 Animals

...Preferred by Tweeting Advertisers Following Me.
[as if that wasn't enough qualifiers, right?]

as those who follow me on Twitter know, i often pose a "question of the day." because Riot is a naturally curious creature who enjoys opinions. and i would not have even made this post, except the product today was greatly amusing. not to mention, top-10 lists get mentioned, and this doesn't really need to be mentioned, heh. plus, i like the number 9 better.

in order of most votes, and then, by alphabetical:

if you could (without threat to your mortality or the endangered species list) befriend any animal for your own, which would you choose?

#9: Whale [@johnny_bones]
#8: Trent Reznor [@strawberrycough]
#7: Tiger [@thegirlriot]
#6: Shark [@dailybiz]
#5: Polar Bear [@HookEmSarah]
#4: Panda [@griner]
#3: Lemur [@mtlb]
#2: Anubis [@demandjustice]

...#1: Platypus! [@beatrixmarie @mugs]

from this, we can deduce that we are either strange, cuddly, aquatic, or want to kill you. i suppose that's about right.

feeling under-represented? cast your personal animal vote here! heh. peace out for the day!


Griner said...

Ahem, that was com-panda. Not just any panda would do.

copyranter said...

a cockroach.