interlude: good monday to you, sir!

okay, before i get back in the swing of things, this is entirely unrelated to advertising. feel free to skip if your whole life revolves solely around advertising. there's no shame in that ;)

i am in such a bouncy mood for a monday!
worthy of multiple explanation points!! even. and, moreover, i know why.

summer is knocking down the door and i love it.

i spent part of yesterday making a mix that reminds me of summer for my friend Ell.
i was surprised by how much of it was what i'd deem "mainstream" or popular, especially when i listen to so much underground music. i also had deliberately excluded a lot of my riot grrrl music because i didn't know if she liked it, and, well, if you know that sort of stuff, you know it's a (wonderfully) acquired taste. s-k ftw!

if any of you want to listen to what i'm listening to--
which i'm sure many of you shall roll your eyes at, but hey, i gave fair warning of the candylike nature of this mix. moreover, it's equally able to rot your teeth and make you hyper--but that's the point. try it. you might like it. and if you don't and a coworker overhears, just say a colleague is a secret scene queen and it's not your fault.

01. We Were Made For Each Other / You Can Breathe Now - Jack's Mannequin
02. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! at the Disco
03. Of All the Gin Joints in All the World - Fall Out Boy
04. I Want You To Want Me - Letters to Cleo
05. Anyway You Want It - Rise Against!
06. Amphetamine - Everclear
07. Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack
08. Out Here All Night - Damone
09. Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings
10. Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
11. Faster Kill Pussycat - Paul Oakenfield ft. Brittany Murphy
12. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
13. Twitch - Bif Naked
14. Glow - Alien Ant Farm
15. Set Phasers to Stun - Taking Back Sunday
16. Praise Chorus - Jimmy Eat World
17. Blue Carolina - Alkaline Trio
18. Born For This - Paramore

What songs make you bouncy and happy? Any genre! I want to know. I love to bounce in the summer. Bring it on <3 Please!


& said...

i give this mix two very enthusiastic thumbs up, with these tracks in particular in mind;


rock on.

copyranter said...

anything by the Melvins.