interlude: i am a wannabe british type.

[an interlude, not about advertising, but about my psychosis.]

as if you couldn't tell by the way i have what some might consider too many "l"s in my words, or an extraneous "u" here or there, and my infatuation with the word "bloody." blame monty python. i don't care.

it's alright.
the secret's out.

but, dailybiz, this one's for you. a glimpse into just how anal i am.

for an experiment, i have changed my usual date formatting (08.05.08) to another one, wherein the month appears first (05.08.2008).

i do not claim to keep it. there are way too many numbers. it bothers me. not as much as every other format, which is why i'm experimenting at your suggestion. but it's just... so uneven! ideally i'd take 05.08.08, but no suck luck. and yes, i need the "."s. they're authentic to my self-representation. i don't like slashes.

so there it is then.
ridiculous Riot thoughts.
and how much you really didn't need to know that i'd actually thought about it.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you stayed true to your self-expression with the "." dividers. I hate slashes too.

I like your month first dating system, for what that's worth, though I know what you mean about having the whole year there...annoyingly unbalanced.

I am a non-wannabe British type mainly because, even after living there for a bit, I still can't use the accent to my advantage in bars (where it is a real advantage)...

the girl Riot said...

hahahahaha. never been there. i don't actively try to be british. i just think their spellings and usages are more in line with my word/visual aesthetic. i will try for this new layout, but i hate the extra "20"--but it's better than the other options.