big projects

...eat my life.

will catch up with you crazy folks tomorrow.
i had a good weekend, how about you?

if any of these mean anything to you, let me know:
subculture (go see my fave bartender--she's on the left, i didn't take the pic), avenue of the americas street fair, joe (cup o', nuff said), uncle jack's steakhouse (i dare you to find a better filet mignon), fire island, ice palace, robert moses beach, bayard cutting arboretum. oh, and then my couch, with Home Alone II.

tomorrow i return with the full writeup and thoughts around my brand timeline.


& said...

avenue of the americas street fair - YES
uncle jack's steakhouse - is this what you couldn't remember? then YES.
fire island - YES
robert moses beach - YES

The Flash said...

6th Ave. street fair is actually awesome, because it's one of the only ones that isn't the same seven stores repeated. I love crepes and mozzarepas, but there's only so many bonsai trees and surgical scissors I need. the 6th ave. fair has different stalls for different countries and it has different types of music playing and the stalls don't sell stuff that's quite as useful but, you know, at least it's different.

My bar mitzvah tutor was the rabbi on fire island in the summers. we went out there once to visit him. it's beautiful, but you can't walk with a drink in your hand, alcoholic or not. cute kids line up by the ferry with their wagons to offer to bring your suitcase to your house for you.

robert moses beach gets great concerts, and there's a less-visible tidal pool with lots of little marine life like kilifish and crabs. you have to hunt around for it, but it's worth it to get a littel space from the mob on the beach.

the girl Riot said...

& -- you, me, ice palace. just you wait. lmfao.

flash -- thank you so much for your comment! i really loved it. it's so interesting to see what these places mean to other people. yeah, island of 'no' and all that. which part was it held on? i've only been to 3, i think. and yeah, the 6th ave fair is awesome.

The Flash said...

which part was what held on? my bar mitzvah? my bar mitzvah was in manhattan, the rabbi just lived out on fire island. or... were you talking about... eh, I'm illiterate. Also, holy cow, I just looked at a map and, genius that I am, i never connected that robert moses state park IS on fire island. the rabbi lived in the rich gay part. my family took a ferry out there one day for him to give me a lesson. very strange to a 12 year old kid.