DigitalNext doesn't want your...


in fact, don't comment.
if you're passionate and opinionated, give up.
after all, blogging doesn't matter, anyway.

certainly don't attempt to have a conversation.
adage, screw you. take that for personal and offensive.

i went out of my way to REGISTER just to bloody comment on this post, which i addressed in my blog here. i am one for conversing, as many of you know. why not close the gap, get feedback from the person who wrote it? but since i can't use a url on AdAge, i just gave my abbreviated thoughts.

which have been deleted and censored.
"Ad Age reserves the right to delete comments that are insulting or personal in nature."

i did not insult the writer in any fashion. nor was anything i said personal. i was addressing the fact that, perhaps, this was not the best method, and that, perhaps, when i go to a store i like to see a person. a la the post i wrote.

what the fuck, AdAge? communicate this.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that a problem mainly located in corporate America?

I'm a European copywriter that had the luck (?) of working for a short period of time in the US. Since it was my first contact with the culture of my childhood and adolescent dreams, I encountered many things that puzzled me, but seemed totally normal to my American colleagues.

So your comment wasn't regiem friendly and therefore deleted. No matter if they were afraid of your devastating words or their ad revenue, it seems to me a little bit like the former Soviet Union...or maybe like China, nowadays?

Just sayin'...