i can has change nao?

it's official. lolcats have made it to the white house. alright, clearly not. but it enabled me to have a good friday feline giggle at the same time as address the new change.gov that debuted.

of course there's been considerable buzz around the launch of the presidential-elect blog and website, since it carries his campaign past his election, which some folks thought would end when the road to the white house did. granted, people are still wondering what he's going to do with his new phone list.

i like this "transparency" and carry-through... though it does make me wonder how it will effect the reception of his years as President. if he makes good on promises, it could be a great thing. if he doesn't, it could be detrimental, moreso than previous politicians' promises.

but back to the "phone lists" and all the involvement the Obama army has had. will there be a way for them to continue to stay involved? i'm sure that will be resolved if the folks running his web2.0 stuff are as clever as they've been so far. "tell us your story" is a typical, if nice, gesture. as of right now, you can't leave comments on his blog.

how much involvement do you think is appropriate in this new "2.0" presidency?
UPDATE: & then there's this... obamachangefor.us and his flickr.

&PS>> if you're still here just for kitties and puppies, someone made up a drinking game to go with the live puppy stream i mentioned yesterday. find it here. i chose Autumn. happy weekend!

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