kickin off 09: things you didn't know about me.

the fabulous Darryl over at brandflakes for breakfast tagged me for the 7 Things meme a few days ago where you need to share 7 things about yourself, and then ask 7 people to do the same. so. uh. here are 7 things you don't know about me. which is hard, if you follow my twitter stream. where i kind of don't shut up. then again, i've also been called a mystery on 12seconds, so perhaps not...

01. i love acoustic versions of songs. i collect them. i like having both versions. mainly i collect post-punk, pop-emo, and screamo. my favourite kinds are ones where there is still screaming along with the sounds of the acoustic guitars. there's something more raw about the "unproduced" versions in an over-produced genre that i appreciate. lately i've been listening to the acoustic version of Shady Business by theAUDITION on repeat (34x and counting). email if you want the .mp3.

01a. i live in mix tapes. i am addicted to music, like most people. i make soundtracks to my life. i have mix tapes almost as old as i am. including cassettes, but mainly i listen to ones on CD, meaning high school through now. when i make a mix tape for someone else, i will take DAYS. DAYS to make sure that i am happy with the mix and tailor it to the other person. the longest i ever worked on a mix tape was two weeks. "all my favourite singers have stolen all of my best lines" -- Alkaline Trio.

02. my mom came with me to get my first tattoo. it's a story i love to tell and i love that she came. i now have 5 tattoos. the last one i got was 2 weeks ago. i believe that the best tattoos are ones that have meanings that won't change. all of my tattoos are "boring" but incredibly meaningful. ie. my first tattoo is a tiger paw print on my hip. it symbolizes my origins. i was born in the Year of the Tiger and my first sentence was "i wanna meow." some things never change. ;)

03. i am a butterfly graveyard. butterflies come to me to die. i have no idea why. this has been going on since i was very small. over the years i have collected over 7 butterflies who've died in my presence; a small number, but considering i'm just one person, it's a little strange. i don't have all of them any more, sadly. i didn't know how to take care of them and beetles ate some. i preserved 1 (a monarch) and have 2 others left (swallowtails).

04. i have a weird thing with numbers. i'm not OCD in the least (unless you count organized), but there are some numbers i like, and some i just don't. numbers i like include 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20, 21, and 22. usually the rules are most odd numbers, multiples of 5, and multiples of 11. 17 and 21 are two of my favourite numbers, but my favourite is 7. i was born on the 7th and it is a number of rebirth. however, selecting a volume on the TV is incredibly difficult when i'm with my best friend, who only likes even numbers.

05. for a long time i only wore boys' clothing. about 4 or 5 years. i still only own 4 pairs of "girls'" jeans, 2 of which were purchased just this past year, 1 of which i stole from the girl i'm seeing (she doesn't know she's not getting them back). however, regardless of this, i only own 2 pairs of sneakers--but over 15 pairs of high heels, all of which have heels only 4+ inches. i don't get to wear them very often, but i do have a thing for impressive heels.

06. i prefer phone calls to texts. texting can make me anxious the way phone calls make people anxious. there's too much to misunderstand. and if i'm waiting for a text and it's "not coming fast enough" for me, i actually put the phone away from me. i physically have to move the phone so i'm not constantly staring at it wanting to get a text message. yeah, it's fucked, i know.

07. my first real kiss was in the bathroom of an all-girls Catholic school. i was fifteen. it wasn't my school; it was a co-ed dance thing. i was working at a movie theatre at the time and a bunch of my coworkers went to the school. so a bunch of us went, about 4 or 5 from my own school. it was also the night of my first breakup, with the very person i had kissed (oh teen relationships), the night i met the guy she'd choose over me, and the night i met my next girlfriend whose claim-to-fame quote would become "these slippers are complicated."

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RawrStar said...

So... now I know 7 more things about you and still don't know your name! ;)

Mandy said...

i want that mp3!

the girl Riot™ said...

Mandy--you got it! :D sending it over.

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