twitter Secret Santa results & Feline Intervention

Finishing up Blue Batch Almost done!
so by popular vote, my cat did indeed arrange the Secret Santa names. it took me a few days to sort out just how i was going to do it, but i did indeed pull it off. if you followed my twitter stream, you know that by 11:11pm on Black Friday, all the names were matched up and i began sending out all the emails. Jared coined this process feline intervention and i am much amused by the term.

so how did my cat do it? you can see the process on Flickr for the photoset. Phase I constituted getting her ready with a pregraming of catnip. i then sprinkled catnip over the "Blue Group" which had the names of all 21 participants as the recipient group. as Socks licked a (catnip covered) paper, i put it to the side, in order. did the same with the "Red Group" which was the giving group, again the same 21 names. Socks got bored halfway through the Red Group and had to be re-inspired with kitty treats.

a big thank-you to the 20 people who participated in the twitter Secret Santa along with me! your gifts should be to you by December 21st, if everyone is good. give our Santas all a follow and spread the love:

@ValeriaL, @nalei, @lovebabz, @jaredwsmith, @dnadeau, @kylecameron, @Adrigonzo, @Faris, @Dan_Rosenberg, @fawndue, @Chells, @ldwatters, @elfster, @samwithans, @heidirettig, @AllsionNadeau, @caff, @windo, @jasonoke, @cassondra

have a great season all! drink up on the egg nog, ravish the gingerbread, and stay away from the pasta necklaces <3

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Jared Smith said...

Absolutely brilliant, Riot and Socks. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes, and thanks again for doing this! Should be much fun.